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Move Over Failure! Magnificent Desolation Ushers In Tiergarten As The New Kings Of Space Rock!


Space rock has some new kings in the form of Brooklyn’s Tiergarten whose brand of shoegaze and wistful rawk will instantly mesmerize the masses. On Magnificent Desolation, they manage to perfectly marry the best parts of Hum and Failure into a cohesive glob of sonic ecstasy.

Mitchell Talavera paves the way to outer space with his subtle cymbal and drum accents until the dreamy guitars of vocalist Alex Von Klemperer enter and induce an almost hypnotic state. “Aeons(Infinity Glow)”, on the other hand, just goes for it with an intensity supported by an undeniable atmospheric presence propelled by fuzzed out guitars and Klemperer’s serene vocal delivery.

“Macabre” captures that Failure/Hum marriage oh so perfectly beginning with a riff Ken Andrews wished he came up with for The Heart Is a Monster which is then joined by Talavera’s thumping and Jay Marcovitz’s throbbing low end. “Persistence” wraps the five-song EP up with its moroseness that perfectly encapsulates what listeners have just experienced throughout Magnificent Desolation while leaving them wanting more.

Magnificent Desolation is out now. Get yours here.

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