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One Hundred Thousand Celebrate A Year Of New Punchy Prog With Collected ZODIAC Full-Length

Concept albums done right kick some serious ass. And One Hundred Thousand’s ZODIAC does just that as it explores traits of the signs presented within each track throughout the twelve songs here. The culmination of a year long journey that wrapped in February of 2021, One Hundred Thousand released one new ZODIAC track each month leading to the collection that you’ll soon have in your hands that’s a massive combination of Heavy Prog and Hard Rock sure to appeal to fans of Meshuggah, Devin Townsend (In all his solo iterations), Alice In Chains, and Sevendust.

“Aries” is just this glorious pile driving powerhouse of a song to open the record with unbelievable shredding, pummeling percussion, and vocals that are Hulk-like with the gravitas they hold over listeners.”Taurus” features some downright unholy soloing while “Gemini” glistens with an opening vocal that’s akin to a church sermon which glides into a glorious falsetto surrounded by a soundtrack that brings to mind the works of Pulse Ultra or dredg. Following that softer sentiment, “Cancer” slows it all down with a shimmering soliloquy that gives greater insight into the songwriting prowess of One Hundred Thousand before “Leo” ups the loud quotient once again with a resounding Rawk anthem.

“Virgo” practically hums as it gently pulses out emotive energy with “Libra” mimicking that pattern to present a pretty ditty and later, like its’ namesake, “Scorpio” stings with a blistering banger. “Sagittarius” is progressive perfection with bouncing bass lines and soaring vocal lines, “Aquarius” is captivating crunching carnage, and “Capricorn” is an eccentric epic that flies high and enthralls for its’ entire almost ten minute lifespan. Exquisitely ending it all, “Pisces” is a sonic journey laying out all the facets that make One Hundred Thousand and ZODIAC so great with a gargantuan conclusion that subtly fades out much like the closing tracks off classic hypnotic sludge albums from Down and Crowbar (NOLA and Odd Fellow Rest respectively) did back in the day but with a little more levity.

ZODIAC lands on April 9th. Pre-order yours now in a variety of formats when you head here. For more on One Hundred Thousand, follow the socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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