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Only Child Kicks Off Summer With Some Poignant Pop On Srs One

In this day and age, the mark of a really great artist is to genuinely stand out from the rest of the noise that’s being pumped out at yer earholes on the daily. Boston’s Only Child is one such artist with a unique sound and an even more unique voice that’s ready to release the soundtrack of your summer when the Indie/Camp/Pop/Synth tracks collected within Srs One arrives on May 26th.

The title track is a perfect opener to the debut EP as this dreamy, spacious number invites listeners new and old into the Only Child fold with Christopher James Martin simultaneously swooning while crooning out lines like “Why am I always on the outside? When I wanna be on your side?”. “Don’t Call Me BB” is another synth-heavy beauty with an irresistible chorus that sees Martin approaching vocal duties more subtly adopting a determined and deliberate tone that’s a nifty dichotomy to the danceable beats that swell around and then “Defeater” is a nice Electro romp about toxic people which will have listeners in stitches (Hopefully figuratively and not literally) upon realizing that Martin is delightfully spouting diatribes like “Fucking stab you in the chest” throughout.

“Palaver” just exudes cool and, for us, is a little like TR/ST meets Telekinesis with the Post-something atmosphere it creates that continually grows and glows thanks in part to the masterful production from Casey Desmond and also from the wonderful songwriting prowess displayed here, and throughout Srs One, by Martin. Offering a proper Pop period to the end of the EP is the poignant “Girls With Glasses” that delves into another flavor on the Only Child tasting menu that’s sure to leave tantalized listeners craving what comes next.

Srs One releases on May 26th through Jungle Up Records and can be pre-ordered/pre-saved/pre-all the things when you head here. For the latest from Only Child, follow along across ye olde socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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