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Orbiter Pack A Sonic Wallop On Lead Head

Short, sweet, and to the heavy point, Lead Head by Orbiter is three tracks of pure, unfiltered Rawk and a breath of fresh air during these trying times. With Orbiter’s latest batch of tracks, the Oslo trio bring the ruckus throughout each sonic journey which pack a sonic wallop and leave a lasting impression.

But I digress.

“Lead Head” builds to a fervor of blistering riffs and regimented refrains and is kind of like if AC/DC tried their hand at Desert Rawk. It’s got massive grooves and even more massive riffage as Ivan A. Reigstad’s commanding voice answers the call to arms laid down by Kim Rune Johansen’s guitars and Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen’s drums.

“Goldenboy” keeps the riff rollercoaster on the track in a song that’s equally bombastic and bodacious. Johansen’s crunchy shredding mixed with the ferocious playing from Sivertzen with Reigstad adding a righteous rumble on the bass is simply sublime.

Then “To The Sun” steps in to check you out of the heavy hotel after a short stay with a soaring, spacey album ender that drives the Orbiter mission statement of riff worship home and then some, spiraling into a flurry of furious aural destruction for almost seven minutes.

Lead Head is out now and you can grab your very own copy by heading here right now. For more on Orbiter, follow them on their social media pages by heading here or here.

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