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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Major Moment

Yaye fellow Massholes! Or not Massholes if they don’t prefer that term (We do, for the record). Anyway, unless we missed something in our research, we think that Major Moment is the only Boston-based/MA band on the Capulet Fest 2024 bill so if you’re making the trek to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park over the weekend of June 28th through the 30th from the Bay State like us then we’re here to tell you to make sure you get there when MM open up the Capulet Stage on Day 2 (June 29th).

Upcoming album The Pain That Makes Us Grow is coming soon (With some killer pre-order bundles already available here) but the bevy of singles ahead of it are as good an entryway as any to get you hyped for what Major Moment has to offer during Capulet Fest. With airs of Boston’s own InAeona and even In Flames to an extent especially with the way that legendary Swedish outfit has spent their latter years crafting catchy ass Pop Metal fests, Major Moment is a delectable hybrid that’s definitely one of the most diverse and genre-defying artists taking the CF stage in 2024.

“Victim” and “Overcome” just sound huge with a dual vocalist attack that’s filled with heaviness and harmony acting as a force all its’ own atop a wall of guitars and a riotous rhythm section while “Dead” and “The Flood” are EPIC taking the noise from the bands mentioned above, combining it with the fist-pumping, headbanging, chant-a-long aesthetic of Linkin Park’s “Faint”, and forging an unbelievable powerhouse of sound. Of course that’s sans the Mike Shinoda flow but the MM co-vocalist team has their own kind of fantastical flow.

To find out all about Capulet Fest including how to get your tickets, daily lineups, vendor info and more just click here. For all the rest of what Major Moment has to offer including other live performances, all the deets on The Pain That Makes Us Grow and more just head here, here, or here.

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