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RNRF X In Between Days, Local Look: Mint Green

According to ye olde Bandcamp bio, Mint Green is “The sweet spot between emo, pop, and alternative.” and really, we can’t think of a better descriptor after listening through a lot of what the Boston band has to offer over on our preferred method of streaming (Read: Bandcamp). Also, after listening though All Girls Go To Heaven we’re kind of bummed that we’ll be missing out when Mint Green bring all those sounds together for their performance at In Between Days Festival over at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy on Day 2 (August 20th, the day Mrs RNRF will be covering the event). But there’s no reason you should miss out!

Diving headfirst into debut album All Girls Go To Heaven, it’s pretty obvious that Mint Green is an artist that’s not to be overlooked. From the get-go, “Against The Grain” is just gorgeous and plays out like a lullaby… until it’s not. As a vocalist, Ronnica is a revelation with passion and power and a voice that practically glistens with each note uttered. As a guitarist, Ronnica is even more fierce with tenderly plucked strings one moment turning to serrated strums the next. And as a songwriter, well, you can see where we’re going here and the proof is in the pudding as they say with AGGTH more than doing its’ job in that department.

Elsewhere on the debut record, “Body Language” is just the right amount of loud and lush while “What I’m Feeling” sees drummer Daniel Huang and bassist Tiffany Sammy exploring their rhythmic synchronicity which leads to a vibrant chorus. “Make Me Stay” is the epitome of peak Emo/Alt Rawk before moving into an unexpected breakdown that’s akin to a Waltz and then does another turnaround with Ronnica giving a particularly shreddy response on the guitar to that musical detour.

“Ready” is neat and presents a slightly softer side of Mint Green for a spell, “Golden” gets even bigger and honestly, makes us kinda pissed at ourselves for missing this the first time around and later, “Ringtone” kinda slaps? Do the kids still use that one? Well, whatever the equivalent of that is in the here and now is what “Ringtone” is, okay? And seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of the sounds that form the songs conjured up on All Girls Go To Heaven so maybe check them out if you’re headed to IBD and definitely grab some merch while you’re there.

Mint Green takes on the Arbella Insurance stage at 1PM on Day 2 of IBD (August 20th) but before that you can keep up on all the things Mint Green by heading here to see what’s next for the Pure Noise Records artist. In Between Days Festival is happening on August 19th and 20th over at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Quincy and you can secure your tickets in advance NOW by heading here.

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