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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble: Semi-Finals, Night 2 Live Recap/Review

The end is nigh for the return of the mighty Rock & Roll Rumble as we settle in for Night 2 (Show #8 of 9 if you’re keeping count) of the Semi-Final Round on our way to the Finals on May 6th. But tonight (April 22nd) over at Sonia, the artists that made it this far gave it their all with one of the most solid shows so far this Rumble season. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Lowell’s Tysk Tysk Task had a WEEK since appearing on their Preliminary Round having lost that night and a drummer but winning a coveted Wild Card spot on this night’s show along with gaining Cutty Cuthbert from fellow Rumble entrants Paper Tigers who stepped up in a big way during his live debut to exquisitely complement vocalist/guitarist Samantha Hartsel and bassist Amy Gee on a bigger stage over at Sonia that seems to suit the visceral yet cathartic Tysk Tysk Task live experience very much.

Kooked Out pulled out all the stops, debuting a new tune even (“Trippin’ On The Red Eye”, finished just two weeks prior) during their raucous set that got the crowd dancing and singing along to some solid Vis Viva favorites like like “This Fever” and “The Weekend” before closing with almighty jam “Like We’re 21”.

Destined to be another Rumble “Extra Credit” band for us (Read: We missed out on their last record, okay?), One Fall delivered an energetic set that mixed an Old School NYHC aesthetic with West Coast Punk vibe as vocalist/rhythm guitarist Helen McWilliams launched into a Davey Havok meets Glenn Danzig hybrid behind the mic as they ripped through a stellar set that included “Shoot Straight”, “Slingshot”, and a particularly rousing cover of “Born To Run” that concluded with, perhaps, the best flub of the night (Or maybe it’s their thing? This was our first One Fall show after all!) when McWilliams thanked the crowd with a “We’re Salem from One fall, Massachusetts!” And maybe after this winning set we are all, in fact, living in One Fall, Massachusetts.

But before the eventual winner was declared, Worcester’s Not Bad Not Well took the stage with another stunning performance that included the rumbling Groove of “Maurice”, “Tides” with its’ steady thump and Thrice-like back up vox, the spacious “Fever Flowers” that really let Gregg Kusumah-Atmadja’s voice soar, and their one released track “Sleeper”.

The 2023 Rock & Roll Rumble wraps on May 6th at Sonia and features The Chelsea Curve, One Fall, Wild Card entry Ruin The Nite, and returning champ Eddie Japan. Tickets are on sale now and can be scored when you head here. For more on all things Rock & Roll Rumble, click here, here, and here or just skip the middle man and visit the main website here.

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