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RNRF X Rock & Roll Rumble: Week 2, Night 5

The end is in sight! Of the Preliminary Round, that is. But before we get to the end of this particular round, we’d love to introduce you to the four fresh new faces (Well, more than just 4 cuz BANDS) who’ll be getting their Rumble on during the penultimate Preliminary night:

The Roland High Life (9PM): The Roland High Life celebrates their recent resurrection with a triumphant run at the crown! If you haven’t heard the self-proclaimed “Nerd folk emo rock” yet then you’re in for a treat with a set that’s sure to be filled with old favorites mixed with new cuts like “Scotty Says” or “Old Atlantic”. Head here for all the rest of the “coffee shop songs that go to 11” before the fun begins on Night 5.

Cold Expectations (945PM): “(I Live With) Ghosts” is like Social Distortion and Rockabilly or Psychobilly and ’80’s New Wave all rolled into one. Coincidentally, Cold Expectations has been one of those “We’ve been meaning to review/cover…” bucket list bands for us so this is as good as any place to tick off that box, right? So yeah, the recent single alone should be proof enough of why CE is here but if you need further convincing then what else they have to offer and the diversity of sound within can be found by heading here.

The Ghouls (1030PM): As of now, The Ghouls have one song out there for the masses but luckily for you (And us) it’s “Hellbound” and it’s a scorcher! Sure, it’s just a barely four minute bout of anthemic bodacious Rawk with elements of Pop Punk woven in to start but we think it’s enough to get you amped for what else they’ll bring to the Middle East Upstairs stage. Get in with The Ghouls now and discover their sounds when you venture here.

Never Gonna Make It (1115PM): Lowell’s own Never Gonna Make It is just about a month out from the early March release of their most recent effort which, to us, is this perfect amalgamation of Fall Out Boy/Jimmy Eat World emotive Power Pop Punk complete with wailing guitars and powerful, commanding vocals. Add that their latest also starts with the mouthful (And earful) that is “She’s A Succubus And I Love Every Drop She Drains” and we’re kind of sold. You could be, too, ahead of their Rumble showing when you head here.

And that concludes our preview of Night 5 of the 2024 edition of the Rock & Roll Rumble which takes place at Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge on Friday, April 12th. Doors open at 8PM with a 9PM start time planned. Ticket links for all shows are located here with “Full Boat” passes for the whole shebang available here. For the latest on all things Rock & Roll Rumble-related, be sure to check out ye olde socials by clicking herehere, and here, or just skip the middle man and visit the main website here.

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