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Singles! Answerman, “No Complaints”

Design Credit: Manuel Cetina / @el_sititch

Somewhere in these pages we’ve ranted about the perfect running order of any given record (AKA keys to a successful album) stating that the first song has to be either some kind of banger/explosive track or that lead single that hooks all the ears in the first place. But that second track is the one that’s the most important because it needs to make sure that those ears stay glued to their speakers. It has to be louder, faster, hit harder than the opener or at least be diverse enough that the already piqued interest stays that way. Soundgarden has been our template for this theory especially their last two studio records but we apply it everywhere. In regards to Answerman’s upcoming full-length Black Light Poster and the soon-to-drop second single/track in particular? This Boston quartet has the formula in the bag.

But I digress!

“No Complaints” is that aforementioned second single/track off Black Light Poster following lead in “Black Heart” which we already previewed (Check out that review here) and is a whole different kinda cat than what came before. Chris Orcutt’s drums slam hard to start with Walt Enright’s bass accompanying with a fitting booming presence until the buzzing of the shambolic guitar lines from Sam Pitino and Tom Murphy escalate the frenetic mood even more. With Pitino cultivating his crooning technique on this track along with Rawk that rails on all around, the overall feel takes a more Alternative/Grunge tone and highlights the vast musical palette that Answerman will be bringing to the show on their upcoming full-length (We’ve heard it and can concur).

“No Complaints” drops on March 31s with full-length Black Light Poster following on April 21st. For all the pertinent pre-order, pre-save, and streaming links head here and then follow Answerman across the information superhighway by heading here or here.

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