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Singles! Bill Leeb, “Terror Forms (Feat. ACTORS)”

Photo by Bobby Talamine

When one has as unique a voice as the one Industrial/Electro legend Bill Leeb has, you’d think it’d be difficult to discern one project from another. But that’s not the case with Leeb who somehow manages to be a musical metamorph on the regular during his day job in Front Line Assembly but then continues the chameleonic approach with other work in Noise Unit and Cyberaktif among others. And now Leeb is continuing that trend with solo effort Model Kollapse arriving in the fall and the first taste of all of that in the form of first single “Terror Forms”.

Sure, the moment Leeb’s voice rings out it’s instantly recognizable but “Terror Forms” still sounds like something unmistakably new with a blueprint not unlike the one former Skinny Puppy bandmate Nivek Ogre has laid out with his own ohGr releases. Along for this bouncing Electro romp is LEATHERS/ACTORS’ Shannon Hemmett who adds an ethereal vocal presence to the sinister synthetic soundscape conjured ahead of the full-length in September which features contributions from Rhys Fulber, Greg Reely, Mimi Page and Hemmett’s ACTORS co-hort Jason Corbett.

“Terror Forms” arrives on July 9th ahead of Leeb’s debut solo record, Model Kollapse, on Metropolis Records which drops on September 13th. You can pre-save the single now when you head here and pre-order the upcoming LP here. For more from Bill Leeb, follow the socials across the interwebs by clicking here or here.

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