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Singles! BLAB, “Eton Mess”

How can you go wrong with two minutes of driving, unfiltered RAWK?!?! The answer is: You can’t! Especially when it’s as infectious as the most recent release from Southend’s BLAB. When last we left Frances Murray (BLAB), the singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist was laying out this raucous “contemporary cautionary tale of woe” on “Casual Sex” (Which you can read in our review here) but this time around, BLAB has set their sights on the Tories and the British government for “Eton Mess”.

This self-proclaimed “Anti-fascist anthem” (Per Murray in the press release) says a lot in a short but not so sweet time attacking an archaic government with Murray’s biting barbs crying out against inequality, racial and social injustices, and just all around crumminess. Sonically, BLAB brings it yet again with riotous riffs that resonate as much as Murray’s words while perpetual pointed beats set a punchy tone throughout with the rumbling low end and organ accents toward the end truly creating one helluva memorable new anthem for 2021.

“Eton Mess” is out on June 4th through Cool Thing Records. Keep yer peepers peeled here for the digital or head here for streaming. For more on BLAB, follow the trail of socials on the interwebs when you click here, here or here.

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