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Singles! Canyons and Locusts, “Soo All The Way”

Single artwork designed by Amy Young

From what we’ve heard so far, Canyons and Locusts is of the mind that you don’t wanna overstay your welcome when it comes to song length and that leave while the part is still poppin’ mentality prevails once again on newest single “Soo All The Way”.

For the record, though, in our experience with the modern Alt duo of vocalist/guitarist Justin Keane and drummer Amy Young you could easily tack on minute after minute after minute and never run out of excuses to dig what Canyons and Locusts is throwing down. Anyway! In a flurry of fuzz and ferocious pummeling, Keane and Young are back at it again with barely two minutes of raucous Rawk that ends before it has a chance to get stale. Decidedly a little more chirpier than previous outing “To Art Bell”, “Soo All The Way” is a crunchy number with Young laying out some percussive heft as Keane’s growly croon rattles around in your noggin long after the final chords ring out.

The next tasty morsel off March’s upcoming The Red Angel EP which, in turn, serves as a prelude to a very ambitious year for Canyons and Locusts according to Keane (And as revealed in our local 2024 preview post which you can check out here), “Soo All The Way” drops on January 19th and can be found here, here, and here on release day! For more from Canyons and Locusts, including all the latest on their forthcoming new EP, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here or here.

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