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Singles! Disconnected Souls, “Last Christmas”

Cover Art: Felix King

Maybe we’re getting soft in our old age or maybe Xmas music is actually getting better??? Nahhhh… that can’t be it. How about we go with this: The artists that are making the Xmas music, whether originals or covers, are getting better. Which brings us to Disconnected Souls. We know! You read the words “Disconnected” and “Souls” together and you immediately think holiday cheer, right? And then you see that the DS sound is billed as “Cinematic Metal” and instantly think “Hey! who better to cover the WHAM! holiday classic than this quintet?” Well, that’s what the fans did indeed want for Christmas and that’s just what they’re getting for being good little boys and girls all year… or maybe they were naughty depending on how you look at it?

Anyway! For a band that has a pretty blistering techno organic electro symphonic Metal record coming in the new year when their latest drops (Fragments of Consciousness, due on January 19th, is a BEAST!), DS deliver a fairly straightforward take on one of the best (Or worst depending on your outlook) holiday-inspired earworms of all time with “Last Christmas”.

Amidst twinkling synths (Yes, twinkling) from Tim Jenkins, the DS version of the WHAM! gem is a burgeoning Pop powerhouse set in a winter wonderland that’d actually sit nicely at the big kids table alongside Johnny Mathis and Mariah Carey standards. There’s nary a hint of Patrick Lloyd’s more vicious vocals even! So maybe this is really a lump of coal?!?! We jest, of course! Accompanying Lloyd in various forms of mechanized-distorted and clean vox throughout this synth-heavy sleigh ride are Felix Luca King (Who also provides more synth and programming prowess) and Holly Royle who accents the shreddier moments on guitar toward the “Last Christmas” conclusion with “Fletch” (Matthew Simon Fletcher) who, in addition to guitar duties, handles bass, synths, and programming.

“Last Christmas” is out now and you can get your jolly on by heading here or here to find your copy. For the latest from Disconnected Souls, including all the info about that aforementioned upcoming new LP (Our review is incoming!), follow the trail of socials when you click here, here, or here.

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