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Singles! Eldridge Rodriguez “Have I Gone Too Far/All My Favorite Clowns Are Dead”

Already popping up as one of our most anticipated releases of this here new year, Boston/NYC quartet Eldridge Rodriguez is making a splash early in 2022 with the release of a pair of new songs that bridge the gap between 2020’s brilliant Slightest Of Treason album and what’s to come later this year on that aforementioned next full-length.

Without skipping a beat from last year’s “Megalodon” single and Slightest… the year before that, Eldridge Rodriguez present the next chapter of their ever evolving sound with the duo of “Have I Gone Too Far” and “All My Favorite Clowns Are Dead” offering different fascinating facets of the ER sonic palette.

Driving and deliberate, A-Side “Have I Gone Too Far” is a beats-heavy ditty that’s all the more pronounced with Dennis Grabowski’s inspired drumming and Cameron Keiber’s hearty baritone. Deeper in is this lush soundscape (Courtesy of Dave Grabowski) reminiscent of a contemporary like White Lies or a classic like Men Without Hats making for an instant signature Eldridge Rodriguez favorite.

On the flippety flip is “All My Favorite Clowns Are Dead” which is a whimsical march in a similarly masterful way that The Flaming Lips do what they do with bassist Dave Grabowski’s subtle bounce accenting brother Dennis’ hits while the brothers Keiber lay down some solid guitar atmosphere under Cameron’s heartfelt vox.

“Have I Gone Too Far” and “All My Favorite Clowns Are Dead” drop on January 28th through Midriff Records. Stay tuned to these spots here and here to get yours when they launch and for the latest from Eldridge Rodriguez, follow them on their socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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