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Singles! Girl With A Hawk, “Way with Words”

Cover Design by Linda Viens

There’s a few artists that, despite missing a release day release post or preview ahead of that, we’ll make it a point to cover no matter what. Girl With A Hawk is quickly becoming one such artist and with songs like their latest, “Way with Words”, it’s unthinkable to imagine we wouldn’t cover it in some way, shape, or form regardless of the timing.

And really, when there’s a band like Girl With A Hawk who instantly puts a smile on one’s face the instant “Play” is pressed on any one of their recordings, who are we to not share as much as possible? Especially when they put out a self-proclaimed “diss track” but do it in such a way that you can’t help but grin as Linda Viens pleasantly croons out this delectable diatribe. If you’ve been a fan of GWAH then “Way with Words” is a song that eloquently captures the constantly evolving sound of this genre-bending quintet as they deliver another soon-to-be live favorite. If you’re new to the Hawk Rawk then “Way with Words” might be your best starting point as it fuses a lot of what’s to love from last year’s keep ‘er lit release (Read: Richard Lamphear’s big synth sounds especially prevalent in “Feel Me”) with the mashed up Alt/Country/Folk/Americana/Just Good Ole Rawk magic that Nancy Delaney (Drums), Dan Bernfield (Bass), Daniel Coughlin (Guitars) and the aforementioned Viens and Lamphear (Vocals/Guitars and Keys respectively) make together.

“Way with Words” is out now through Rum Bar Records and you can get yours by heading to the usual places all conveniently located here or to the stream below. For more from Girl With A Hawk, including where to find the band live and the latest on future releases, follow them across their socials by clicking here or here.

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  1. OH my goodness Jesse – thank you for this immensely kind review of our new one, Way with Words – and for all of your funny and thoughtful observations about both the song and the band – we appreciate your fabulous BRAIN and your love of music SO MUCH. Fine journalism is an ART – and you are a master. Thanks again. :))

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