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Singles! JATK, “Ana”

Cover photography by Niki Fandel

It’s Weezer meets your most favorite crooners of the ’50’s and ’60’s with some Queen guitar bravado thrown in for good measure as JATK unleashes “Ana” to the masses!

The first new music since last year’s Shut Up and Be the Light album, “Ana” is retro but refreshing as it hearkens back/gives nods to an era where JNCO jeans, wallet chains, and hacky sacks were… cool? Is that we’re going for? Howzabout “when they were a fad” instead?? Anyway! Drenched in synths with a chorus that’s destined to be an unstoppable earworm once it digs in, “Ana” boasts a laid back approach from drumming monster Seth Botos (Who played on Shut Up… as well as Gozu’s most recent beast) with Eric Sheppard backing up Matt Jatkola on the mic and synths with Jatkola providing those Brian May-like majestic riffs.

“Ana” arrives on June 16th and you can get your pre-save/pre-order on now by heading here! For the latest from JATK, follow the trail of socials when you click here, here, or here.

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