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Singles! Jennifer Tefft & The Strange, “Caffeine”

Design Credit: Annika Swalley and Stephen “Sharky” Beccia

Y’all know we listen to everything that comes through the RNRF offices, right? When it comes to what artists we are able to review/feature, there’s usually two different things that happen: A) We dig what we hear on an initial listen through and, depending on the date, will pencil it into our calendar to revisit as the release gets nearer and 2) A song or album immediately enthralls us and before we know it we have almost a whole post ready to go.

Sure, there’s the middle ground of drafting notes upon that initial run through but for the most part it’s one or the other and the upcoming new single from Jennifer Tefft &The Strange definitely falls into the latter category.

“Caffeine” is the amalgamation of every song we’ve ever loved from the initial ’90’s Alternative boom. It’s got a little bit of Sugar giving it some heft, takes the aesthetic of The Crow soundtrack but weeds out its’ the heavier moments (Scram Helmet and Pantera!) in favor of the moodier elements (Oh hi, Medicine!), and nicely merges a little bit of The Cranberries’ more mercurial numbers (Read: To The Faithful Departed over “Linger” or “Zombie”).

Still with us? Great, because it just gets better from here.

Really catchy, really anthemic, and really frelling awesome (We were going to use another “F” word but are trying to keep it clean for the kiddies), the newest offering from Jennifer Tefft & The Strange is just the epitome of everything you’d want in a perfect Alternative banger. Chris Georgenes’ drums and Stephen “Sharky” Beccia’s bass playing combined form a sort of Larry Mullen Jr./Adam Clayton alliance with the sheer synchronicity they exhibit which drives “Caffeine” forward while John Parrillo’s guitars stir the pot some more with swirling shreds that spiral and hypnotize. Add Tefft’s own guitar prowess along with the airy, sultry, siren-esque quality in the vocal delivery on top of it all and you’ll find yourself swept up in what’s sure to be one of the stand out releases of 2024.

“Caffeine” is unleashed on February 23rd through Rock Garden Records. You can get in on it all now when you head here for streaming sites and be the first to hear it when it drops. For more from Jennifer Tefft & The Strange, including all the details on the “Caffeine” release party happening at The Square Root on February 24th, follow the information superhighway for all the social media links like the ones found here here and here.

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