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Singles! Lauren Lakis, “Sail Away”

Lauren Lakis is the kind of artist who lives in another plane of existence. She dwells somewhere beyond the scope that we mere mortals can comprehend with the sights and sounds she conjures and ultimately astounds our collective ears and eyes with on the regular. Like she’s done once again with “Sail Away”.

On her latest, Lakis injects sultry sounds into shoegaze and inhabits a world where Marriages, Red Sparowes, and PJ Harvey make beautiful music together. Lakis’ voice exudes this kind of ethereal mysticism throughout the track which is haunting and unholy with rumbling percussion like gentle thunder heralding evocative guitars.

Visual arts is another area in which Lakis excels and the accompanying video for “Sail Away”, much like previous outings, is just as integral to the storytelling here with Lakis writhing within a cocoon made of lace while awaiting to be reborn.

“Sail Away” is out now ahead of Daughter Language which arrives on January 22nd through Green Witch Recordings! Check out the video for “Sail Away” below then head here or here to stream the track. To pre-order Daughter Language, click here. And for more on Lakis, follow her everything by going to her main site here or the trail of socials by heading here, here, or here.

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