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Singles! Muzzins, “Send It Back”

Ready to dive headfirst into your new favorite band you didn’t know you already loved? It’s Muzzins! And they are back with a recently released single and video treatment for “Send It Back”.

Starting with a commanding thump from drummer Chris Antonowich and an all enveloping riff blanket from electric bassist Tom Stepsis, the opening salvo of Muzzins’ newest is like a Rage Against The Machine-style statement of intent. Until it’s not. All due to Rayna Jhaveri’s equally commanding presence on the Hammond and behind the mic that takes what could’ve been some paint-by-numbers Pop/Funk hybrid into a whole ‘nother zone. Sure, there’s those Pop sensibilities and a funkiness throughout but it’s put through a Punk Rawk filter making the tune dangerous, defiant, and definitely a prime start if you’ve never experienced Muzzins’ music before now.

“Send It Back” is out on Light Of Day Records to stream and watch now and can be found here. For the latest from Muzzins, including ticket info and more on their opening slot with Sleaford Mods on April 8th at Paradise, follow them across the information superhighway by clicking here or here.

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