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Singles! Private Jetlag “Fortune Teller”

The Gap Band’s “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” has been a default alarm for quite some time for me so that legendary outfit is usually frolicking around ye olde subconscious. That said, it was rather refreshing to flip on the latest single from Private Jetlag to find that vibe is not only still going, but also going strong.

“Fortune Teller” is the name of the latest from the London-based duo and it’s a shimmering, shining throwback to quite a few decades actually. You’ve got the Funk/Soul of previously mentioned The Gap Band, the infectious synth-driven R&B that made artists like New Edition and NKOTB (There’s a distinctive old school New Kids thing happening here but with an old Donnie style) immediately stand out, and the neo-Dance aesthetic of Jamiroquai to top it all off.

That descriptor might sound like one giant mind eff but “Fortune Teller” is destined to be your new favorite vibe out anthem of 2022 as well as your new favorite of any of the decades mentioned as the timelessness throughout is so effervescent. And with this third single now under Private Jetlag’s belt it’s also kind of apparent that this duo may very well be your new favorite everything.

“Fortune Teller” is out NOW on Cool Thing Records. You can get yours to stream and/or download when you head here, here or here and for the latest on Private Jetlag, follow them across the socials by clicking here or here.

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