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Singles! Professional Murder Music, “All Comes Down”

I had this whole spiel planned about my history of discovering Professional Murder Music from reading all about the Electro-Industrial marvels in Rawk rags (Kerrang! especially) back in the days where the interwebs weren’t the be all/end all for information to the first taste when “Slow” dropped on the End Of Days soundtrack to scooping up every little sampler I could find to the holy grail itself: an advance promo of debut record in a used record shop of all places a bit before the self-titled was finally released. But I’m not going to do that today (Or maybe I already did???) because we’re in the here and now and it gives me so much joy to be able to write about NEW (ish) Professional Murder Music over twenty years after first opening my ears to the Los Angeles-based outfit.

Actually written and recorded several years ago, “All Comes Down” sees vocalist/guitarist/programmer Roman Marisak at the helm as always to create a vibe that’s both tender and terrifying and sounding absolutely stunning. Swells of dark piano and guitar drones start the mood that soon escalate into bursts of pulsating metallic fury with a throbbing bass accompaniment and Marisak at the center of it all ebbing and flowing with a voice that moves from serene to sinister in an instant. It’s Professional Murder Music at their best and bridging the gap between their last release while (hopefully) shining a light on what’s to come next.

“All Comes Down” is available now through all your most favorite streaming services, some of which are located here and here. For the latest on Professional Murder Music be sure and follow them on the information superhighway by clicking here and here.

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