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Singles! Suspects, “Ring Finger Blues”

Artwork by Kana Waiwaiku

Have you been gagging for some new Suspects??? Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad. After a long-ish break between “Wasted Precious Time” released late in 2022, Suspects return with “Ring Finger Blues”! The bad news? It’s barely 2 minutes of new Suspects for listeners to welcome into their earholes… actually that’s good news, too, because the track slays and is easy to digest over and over and over again.

As we said, it’s brutally short… but also brutal in and of itself with a fiery 114 seconds of unfiltered, uninhibited Suspects Rawk. Out the gate, James May’s drumming is blistering, Thomas Prescott’s shreds are illuminating, and Joey Halamandres’ bass rumble is tremor-inducing with Prescott’s spirited vocal delivery switching between harmonious verses and a commanding bark effortlessly. With “Ring Finger Blues”, Suspects sound like a band really defining their sound, coming into their own, and finally stepping out of the shadow of some earlier comparisons to make their own brand of sonic carnage.

“Ring Finger Blues” is out now through Cool Thing Records and can be yours to download and stream by clicking here. For more from Suspects, follow them across the information superhighway by heading here, here, or here.

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