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Singles! Temptress, “Out Of Control”

What can we say about Temptress that we haven’t already said? Release after release, the Manchester, NH-based outfit continually reach for the stars and still tend to propel their sound far beyond that (Didja see Interstellar? Think that in terms of sonic scope). With their latest, “Out Of Control”, Temptress look to defy odds once again, adding to their musical palette and simultaneously crushing expectations.

Whether it’s Jake Funk’s voice or Anthony Coy’s guitar tones or John DiGeronimo’s meticulous drumming, there’s just an inherent magic within when Temptress unite to make music together. And that magic is on full display throughout “Out Of Control” which takes the moodier soundscapes of Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward (Think “One Thing” and “Why” respectively), twists them on their head then turns them inside out to make this kind of new school Industrial bliss which sees Temptress heading for a full-scale Electro romp. It’s glorious. And if you’ve liked everything up until now then it’ll leave you chomping at the bit for what’s to come next especially after hearing Funk’s siiiiiiiiick vocal verse delivery towards the end.

“Out Of Control” is out today and can be yours conveniently and immediately when you head here. For the latest on Temptress, follow them on their socials by clicking here, here, or here.

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