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Singles! The Jacklights, “Final Girl”

More artists should deliver holiday-themed albums not centered on that husky guy in the red suit who sneaks into people’s houses towards the end of the year. And as a full-fledged fan of Spooky Season, we’re behind anything that brings attention to that better time of the year especially when it looks and sounds as good as the latest video/single from The Jacklights!

Who’s looking for the next highly infectious Halloween anthem! Because we might’ve found it for you with The Jacklights and “Final Girl”, a Horror-themed song complete with a Horror-themed video treatment and the lead single off a forthcoming kinda Horror-themed EP. In short, “Final Girl” is a find.

The closing song off the upcoming EP of the same name, “Final Girl” is definitely breaking new ground for the Boston Melodic Punk Rawk trio with an old School Nancy Sinatra meets Cher vibe that starts as drummer Mike Gaylord taps it in ever so slightly on the hi-hat and Mike Allen follows with the subtle bass grooves before Nilagia McCoy’s guitar strums and elegant vocals provide the perfect kind of unsuspecting silvery sheen over this macabre little sonic tale.

Then there’s the video treatment from Stephanie Houten which pays tribute to some iconic Horror moments and fearsome ghouls with nods to Freddy Krueger, The Shining, Psycho, and even Trick ‘r Treat for those eagle-eyed viewers! Even The Ring gets to shine because if you really wanna scare the pants off us, just add a creepy kid crawling out the TV to bring mayhem and death….Trigger aside, it’s a fun homage from start to finish and a fitting visual accompaniment for a frightfully good new tune from The Jacklights!

“Final Girl” and its’ companion video is out TODAY ahead of the Final Girl EP which drops on October 3rd (Pre-order it right now by going right here). For all the pertinent links pertaining to the upcoming new release, live shows, all the socials and more, head here.

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