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Singles! The Shallows, “Dust And Sun”

Holy hell is it possible to get more ethereal? Glisten even more?? Become more lush??? Lusher even???? If you’re The Shallows then that answer will irrevocably always be “YES!” Especially when talking about upcoming new single “Dust And Sun” which dials everything up for a faster paced foray into their dense Post-whatever world.

Following May’s “White Sands”, The Shallows return with”Dust And Sun” which continues the flow and the grow of the Boston quartet’s sound with Jason Keisch’s drumming providing a stable backbone that’s frenetic yet focused as Ben Didsbury partners with the percussive movement to provide a robust rumble on bass and add more flavor to the intricate instrumental portion. Brad Emerson’s guitar tones is the ultimate tastemaker, though, emanating a shining Post-Punk fervor that’s become The Shallows’ signature.

You know that haunting vocal line in Real Life’s “Send Me An Angel” that, now that we think about it, is supposed to be the “angel” in question? That’s just the tip of Jess Baggia’s vocal performance here which also leans toward a more operatic approach at times to top off one of the most unique songs in The Shallows’ discography so far.

“Dust And Sun” drops on July 12th. You can find your copy to save or download by clicking here and for the latest from The Shallows, including upcoming live appearances and more, follow the trail of socials across the interwebs by heading here or here.

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