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Subpunch Deliver A Doozy On Non-Drowsy dozy

We’ve mentioned how vibrant the Lowell Music Scene is, yeah? Because it is! For every Lovina Falls or slo-anne emerging from Bean Town there’s a Tysk Tysk Task or your 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble champs The Ghouls (As an aside, can we start a by town-by-town battle for the Rumble in the future?) rising from out of Mill City. And now it’s time to score another “W” for the Birthplace of American Liberty (We shit you not, we looked it up even!) as Subpunch gets ready to take a bow with the release of new EP dozy.

We’re not sure you’ll find a more innocuous batch of songs to worm their way into your earholes this summer than the ones gathered together on dozy. “Ugly Sundays (Pushing Daisies)” is a gorgeous and grand opener that’s also intricate yet indelible with a loose, jazzy feel but delivered with a Toadies-like intensity followed by “Mind vs. Body” which is so our kind of downtrodden ditty in a way that Shellac used to do that’s not quite in the Nirvana vein but definitely echoes that sentiment to a degree as well with these Duncan Wilder Johnson-esque barks throughout to break up the melancholy.

“The Ghost and the Fool” is a shimmying array of effervescent guitars, airy/uplifting drums and all the vibrant feels, “Can’t Win ‘Em All” is similarly buoyant with lush vocals and an even lusher sonic landscape, and “Paintings (Lowell Charter Prom Night Song)” is a lovely letdown following the walloping that preceded it.

dozy is out today! Save yours now by heading here or to the stream below and for more from Subpunch, follow them across the interwebs when you click here or here.

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