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Swivel Grinds Out The Nu-Grunge, Goes Gigantic on Glowing Self-Titled Release

If you’re a child of the ’90’s… or at least had your musical awakening around the middle of that decade, how can you not love the recent resurgence of Grunge? Especially when it’s got artists like Swivel leading the new revolution.

Hailing from Boston and featuring some of our most favorite local artists, Swivel is a whole different kind of animal and a supergroup in the truest sense of that term. With former and current members of Robby Roadsteamer, Damone, Unearth, and more in tow, Swivel is a divine dedication to Nirvana, L7, and everything in between that starts with Pat Politano’s ferocious drum rumble and Ken Susi’s spacious shreds on “Clueless” creating a boisterous bravado with Carissa Johnson’s bass keeping the foundation in check as Noelle Leblanc’s serene croon cries out an instantly infectious anthem.

“Super Dream” is a steady mover with Johnson’s bass bounce boogying along nicely to Leblanc’s lush vocal delivery and Susi’s stirring string pluckings while “Distant Memory” slays with a gorgeous chorus at its’ gooey center surrounded by a vibrant Grunge-ified atmosphere. “My Own Cage” is a crunchy party crasher that packs a mighty sonic wallop and is filled with some serious Susi solos as Leblanc lights up the mic with an earnest delivery before “Peachy” reels it all back in with a rhythmic rally from Johnson and Politano that explodes in a dynamic chorus. The end for Swivel comes in the form of Pixies meets Everclear “With You” which is a tantalizing tour of the “Swivel sound” that gives Leblanc, Johnson, Politano, and Susi one last opportunity to shine that they most certainly take advantage of during one last collective bow of greatness.

Swivel is out now and can be yours by clicking the stream below or by clicking here for ALL the rest of the pertinent links. For more on Swivel, including upcoming live dates, follow them across the information superhighway by heading here or here.

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