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The Fratellis Fill Fifth Full-Length With Fun (In Your Own Sweet Time Review)

The Fratellis continue to astound. That is all. Oh, our word isn’t good enough? Fine, review it is then…

But I (begrudgingly) digress.

I’ll admit to falling off The Fratellis wagon some time ago mostly because I was out of record stores and didn’t need their albums to serve as musical comfort food anymore while trying to survive through dreadful shifts. So first off: “Thank you, The Fratellis!” and secondly: “I’m sorry for abandoning you!”

But maybe in this time of national dire straits, what we all need is to tune into The Fratellis and rediscover our happy place once again. And what a happy place In Your Own Sweet Time is! On their fifth album, the Scottish rockers ramp up the fun quotient while simultaneously experimenting with new styles and prove that if you’re a lapsed fan that the music of The Fratellis will still welcome you home with open arms.

“Stand Up Tragedy” is just the epitome of fun and the perfect reintroduction to lapsed fans of The Fratellis (Ahem, like myself) making it the perfect opener for album number five. “Romeo/Romeo/I’m your Juliet/I’m the pot of gold that you haven’t found yet…”  is such the perfect image brought forth with a serene falsetto by Jon Fratelli during “Starcrossed Lovers” and just another tip of the musical iceberg that The Fratellis breach on their latest.

“Sugartown” is almost dream pop akin to Cake at times while “Told You So” is like an old school Bowie groove with these guitar sounds that hearken back to the obscure ’80’s…like the Brad Fiedel guitar bits from Fright Night old school. So old school and obscure more accurately.

“The Next Time We Wed” is a glistening banger with Mince Fratelli laying down the solid beats on a track that’s sure to be an instant dance favorite. “I’ve Been Blind” starts a little like “Every Breath You Take” until that layered vocal harmony breaks through the darkness then “Laughing Gas” is like otherworldly The Fratellis simply because it sounds unlike anything they’ve done thus far. CHANGE IS GOOD!

Thankfully, “Advaita Shuffle” continues that trend with an Oasis meets Kula Shaker jam that rocks just as much as it grooves in part due to Jon Fratelli’s guitar work meshing with Barry Fratelli’s low end bass. “I Am That” is tranquility incarnate, like something off Rubber Soul even! Think of it as The Fratellis own “Champagne Supernova” bristling with excitement and subdued nirvana for almost seven minutes. No song is more perfect to close such a fabulous album.

In Your Own Sweet Time is out through Cooking Vinyl on March 16th. You can pre-order a copy of your very own by clicking here. For more on the fabulousness of The Fratellis, head here.

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