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Timeworn Bring The Progressive Desert Rawk Metal Masterpiece You Needed To Close Out Your 2019 With On Leave The Soul For Now

Looking for something musically completely out of left field to close out 2019? Then Oslo’s Timeworn is for you! Blending Baroness-like dynamics with the Prog sensibilities of earlier Gojira, Timeworn has constructed a versatile and vicious full-length that’s easily their best yet.

On Leave The Soul For Now, Timeworn traverse the heavy and the heartfelt with ease and opener “Sky Castles” is an early indicator of that as fans are treated to an opening salvo of pummeling Prog for almost six minutes.

“Count The Crosses” is a different monster altogether, spiraling from a layered and haunting vocal refrain from Audun before he adopts a visceral growl to match the riffage being laid out. “Oblivion Seekers”, on the other hand, is solidly built from an anthemic chorus before adventuring into a mystical breakdown jam that solidifies Timeworn’s penchant for masterfully crafting vibrant soundscapes.

“Hellwater” goes in another direction, sounding like something out of Unforgiven as it creates a moody and dense atmosphere more akin to an Alice In Chains classic. After that respite, the noise comes back tenfold with “Paradise Crown” heavily shredding and then settling into a Sludge-filled groove with accented solos from Timeworn’s two-pronged guitar virtuosos.

“Visceral Reality” continues along Grungy terrain with frequent trips into Space Rawk territory while “The Fallen King” is the beginning of the end as this eight and a half minute opus offers up a “What if?” scenario and envisions John Baizley fronting Neurosis at their most brutal. Then the end in question comes in the form of the massive “Vagrant Heart” which combines Hard Rawk, Prog, Psych, and just an overall sense of HEAVY for almost ten minutes to conclude a defining chapter of Timeworn’s history.

Leave The Soul For Now is out digitally through Loyal Blood Records on December 6th. You can follow the band on Spotify here or via their Bandcamp page here to stream the album as soon as it drops. For the latest on Timeworn, including upcoming live shows, follow them on social media by clicking here.

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