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Trillionaire Pack A Powerful Prog Punch On Romulus

It’s never to early to start formulating a list for the best of a given year. Sure, we just finished our 2020 recap and dropped our preview of what we think will be the bee’s knees in 2021 but we’re here to tell you that Trillionaire’s debut, Romulus, is a definite contender for our yearly best of list.

Sonically, Romulus is Mammoth-sized bringing one heavy ass sound that’s proggy and packs a punch. “The Golden Goat” is like this precious trojan horse which brings tidings of a quiet passage through the Romulus sonic landscape before the doors fly open and listeners get to hear the full power of Trillionaire’s righteous rhythm section (Bass by Matt St. Gelais and drums by Phil DuBois) with Renee Fontaine delivering his grand vocal range across this almost six minute opening opus.

“Dead By 25” is a straightforward macabre romp as it menacingly marches towards this dirge-like chorus while “Underwater” is intrinsically intricate with its’ methodical meanderings into the Progressive abyss. Personally, “Yes, Mistress” is the epitome of everything that’s awesome about this band with the full might of a three guitar attack from Andrew Lacour, Kevin Savage, and Drew Storks on display from the get-go before this beast of a track cries out, perforating the heavens to let its’ glorious sound reach above and beyond.

“Temple Of Mercy” settles into a more traditional tone, yielding after the majesty of the song that preceded it but unrelenting with Fontaine’s angst-rattled vocal approach here shimmering alongside the guitars. Later on, “One In The Chamber” is heavy, hearty, and wholly glistening with this dark and mysterious vibe to give listeners the Alice In Chains feels.

“We Are The Devil” bashes listeners over the head for a massive sonic throttling that’s almost celebratory with the way it moves as Fontaine wails his way towards another big chorus and the guitarists shred with an almost religious aplomb with DuBouis and St. Gelais holding steady to navigate this tumultuous soundscape together. Concluding with the somber tones of “Northern Lights”, a mild rager that traverses a broad seven minute and change aural odyssey, Trillionaire end Romulus on a definite high note and the promise of a bright musical future ahead.

Romulus will be unleashed on January 29th through Nefarious Industries. Pre-orders are up now and can be perused and purchased in a variety of options by heading here or here. For more on Trillionaire, follow them on the information superhighway by clicking here, or here.

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