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Video View: Youth Code, “Consuming Guilt”


At some point there must’ve been a timewarp that brought back early Skinny Puppy into the present day or at the very least, Youth Code is some alternate universe version of SP. Regardless of what higher power brought this Los Angeles duo to industrial’s doorstep just be thankful that they’re here. They’re vicious, they’re danceable, and they have a message. The lead single off their latest EP, A Place To Stand, “Consuming Guilt” has all of those parts and more.

The extremely graphic video recalls the imagery of Skinny Puppy as scenes of animal testing play out both on lab animals and on vocalist Sara Taylor. If you didn’t think animal testing was wrong before, then you’ll definitely think twice after seeing this.

In a year with a slew of great industrial releases and tours, Youth Code remain ones to watch. And you can watch them this winter when they hit the road with Skinny Puppy, VNV Nation, and Haujobb. Head on over to their official Facebook page for dates. “Consuming Guilt” is available now on digital copies of A Place To Stand or as part of An Overture which collects Youth Code’s new EP with their debut full-length.


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