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Wailin Storms Puts One Foot In The Flesh Grave, One Foot In The Halls Of Rawk Greatness On Latest Album


“Think the Murder City Devils… but if they actually murdered people under possession by the god-damned devil.”

That’s a quote from the Bandcamp page for upcoming album One Foot In The Flesh Grave and about as simple as it gets if you need a description for the “Wailin Storms sound”. Throw in a hearty helping of early Danzig and Misfits and you have your very own musical Frankenstein’s Monster here.

The only complaint I have with One Foot In The Flesh Grave, the latest by my new favorite band Wailin Storms, is that it wasn’t released in time for Halloween. It’s perfect for a dark and stormy night when the lightning is striking, the wind is howling, and the ghouls and goblins are lurking.

Once we can all get over that little speed bump to perfection, we can focus on probably the most solid rock and roller you’ll lay your grubby little paws on this fall.

But after the masterful Shiver (Released in 2014, our review is here), was there any doubt that Wailin Storms could create another solid banger? “Don’t Forget The Sun” is a slow burn with a heaping amount of twang and a sustained viciousness that only rarely rears its’ evil little head towards the coda. Moving on, “Ribcage Fireplace” ups the sonics but sustains the low intensity until “Mystery Girl” lets loose with a Possum Kingdom-like Pop fury meshed with the Misfits brand of devil punk.

“Walk” shares some of that Shiver DNA but then songs like “Lost” or”Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board” come on and take you to a whole ‘nother level of WS awesomeness with a sound that is so driven, so earnest, and so raw!

If you really want to nail down the WS sound, though, look no further than closer “German Fur Tails” which is probably the epitome of Wailin Storms with its wailing guitars creating a fervor and drums like thunder. It’s also fitting that it closes the album because like “Superstitious” did on Shiver, this one will definitely leave you wanting more as well.

One Foot In The Flesh Grave arrives on November 20th through Magic Bullet Records. Get yours here.

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