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We Are Scientists Is Better Than Hagar-Era But Only Just As Good As Diamond Dave-Era On Sixth Album, Megaplex

Who doesn’t love We Are Scientists already?

On Megaplex, fans are treated to an older, wiser, and more mature version of the group that once evaded a ferocious man-in-suit bear during the “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” video and later pummeled drummer Chris Cain with silly string, mustard, pies, and more during the clip for “Buckle”. Does that mean that your favorite indie/electro/pop group has completely turned over a new leaf? Not really.

“One In, One Out” utilizes the more synthetic approach from an album like Brain Thrust Mastery but infuses it with the fun and earnestness of their debut while “Notes In A Bottle” really accents that more mature sound and the proof is in the songwriting with these lush atmospheres created within and Keith Murray’s voice echoing through, reverberating even as this guitar solo absolutely rips at the end making for the most perfectly structured ball of Pop!

“Heart Is A Weapon” starts off like, bare with me, “Savin’ The Day” by the Alessi Brothers from Ghostbusters. You know the track that’s playing as they’re on their way to the final battle? I shit you not. And there’s a line early on that goes “Lately it’s like I can’t wait for the afterlife” so obviously this is an homage to the iconic ’80’s flick. But seriously, this track has a sick cadence and a sicker groove propelled by Murray’s smooth delivery.

“Your Light Has Changed” is actually a proper rocker with these fuzzed out guitars by Murray and bangin’ beats from the behind Cain’s kit. “Not Another Word”, on the other hand, is almost akin to ’70’s disco. Jamiriquai-esque even and padded by a beyond infectious chorus and a solid groove.

“Now Or Never” is another solid mid-tempo rawker interspersed with glimmering acoustic lines which, when combined with the fuzzier aspects of the track, remind listeners of The Cars at times. “You Failed” is pure ’80’s synth cheese in the best way possible. This would be the result if UB40 and Culture Club ever hooked up and spawned some kind of musical entity. “Properties of Perception” wraps everything all neat and tidy like with a little Dire Straits thrown in for good measure (Remember the big baseball anthem they did?) and a little Country twang thrown in to really throw listeners off…and ultimately keep ’em coming back for more.

Megaplex drops on April 27th through 100% Records. Yours can be pre-ordered by clicking here or here. We Are Scientists will be hitting the road for the inevitable tour to support Megaplex and just so happen to be kicking North American things off here in Boston…by way of Cambridge! For dates, including the 6/13 show at Sonia, head here.

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