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We Demand Parachutes Dole Out All The Alt Pop-Punk You’ll Need To Finish 2022 Right On Outside The Null Field

Artwork by Hannah McCord

I dig blink 182, okay? And I’m not ashamed to admit it. When the tour announcement/album news hit recently I was genuinely excited and probably would’ve gotten tickets to next year’s Garden show had the tix not been at insane prices (Thanks, Ticketmaster!) I mentioned this to my best friend and they were all “C’mon, do you actually regularly listen to them?” to which I responded that “Yes, yes I do.” And I had previously that day, in fact, because Enema Of The State, despite the overplayed singles, is filled with bangers (“Dumpweed” and “Anthem” are my forever jams!)

Which brings us to Boston’s We Demand Parachutes (See, there’s a point to all this!) who, upon first listen or two, remind us of that broad anthemic quality mixed with modern Pop Punk that blink 182 used to inhabit. Think of the latest EP from We Demand Parachutes as the keeper of the sound of that much maligned “mature” self-titled record from the California trio but recorded with the thirst of the band that brought you Enema Of The State. Make sense? It will.

One of We Demand Parachutes’ many secret weapons, however, is vocalist/guitarist Kevin McCord who sounds nothing like either Mark Hoppus or Tom DeLonge. WDP also has the backing of Four Year Strong’s Alan Day going for them. And on Outside The Null Field, the FYT guitarist/vocalist acts as a producer, engineer, mixer and maybe even a co-conspirator to heighten and enhance the WDP aural experience more by bringing the percussive power of Ben Shumaker and Seth Richardson’s programming talent and bass boom to the forefront alongside McCord’s crisp guitar and vocal chops.

Sounding like all of your most favorite Warped Tour live moments wrapped into one loud little two and a half minute package, “29” starts it all off filled with crunchy guitar tones, pounding drum attacks, and vocals that are kinda divine. Next up, “Cigarette Break” is destined to be one of the best Pop-Punk anthems of the 21st Century in a time where these kinds of songs are few and far between while also sharing a little more in common with the stellar storytelling of Sparkle And Fade with its’ Alternative Rawk leanings.

Speaking of Alternative, “Hungover You” sits nicely in that arena but also stands apart from the rest of the Alt/Pop/Rawk jams out there thanks, in part, to Richardson’s programming prowess adding a kind of glow to McCord’s poignant vocals. Outside The Null Field might be short and sweet with its’ four tracks but the key here is that each song on here is definitely memorable and bound to stick in your head long after it finishes. Which is the case with the title track that ends the EP and goes to some neat places with a Blood Sugar Sex Magik-era Red Hot Chili Peppers meets The Police feel as McCord offers some new vocal styles with Richardson and Shumaker similarly crushing.

Outside The Null Field drops on November 11th! Head here to find all the pertinent pre-save streaming links and here to get yer download on as soon as the EP arrives. For the latest from We Demand Parachutes, follow them across their socials when you click here, here, or here.

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