17 for ’17: The Rock and Roll Fables Guide To The Best Releases Of The New Year


Whew! Glad the 2016 retrospective is finally over. Now we can get to some reviewin’ and interviewin’ and stuff….wait, we’re doing a 2017 preview, too? UGH! WHY????? Then I guess without further adieu, the top 17 albums that may or may not surface in ’17:

17) He Is Legend: TBA (TBD)

The ONLY reason this is so low on this list is because we were expecting it last year. The band has been touring relentlessly yet again and previewing new songs while on the road and what they’ve been previewing sounds even better than what’s come before.

16) Rammstein: TBA (TBD)

And the ONLY reason this is so low on this list is because it’s wishful thinking meaning ya never know with Rammstein. They’re playing some shows in 2017 and writing/recording has been happening according to various band members so if an album does materialize this year, it’s sure to be a barn burner.

15) Gozu: TBA (TBC)

As lovers of Chopped, the news that Gozu had signed to frequent judge Chris Santos’ label was a metal/foodie nerdgasm and a half. Coming at you hopefully before 2017 is over, Gozu’s first for Blacklight Media/Metal Blade is sure to top even the stellar Revival which hit in 2016.

14) !!!: TBA (TBC)

Ending 2016 listening to old jams from Chk Chk Chk must’ve heralded the announcement of a new album to come in 2017 via Twitter, right? Regardless, !!! hasn’t let us down yet and their ongoing progression towards more electronic-based jams is sure to slay yet again.

13) Soundgarden: TBA (TBC)

It’s wishful thinking with the way they work but 2017 could see the follow up to 2012’s triumphant return, King Animal.

12) Life Of Agony: A Place Where There’s No More Pain (April 28th)

This will not only be the first LOA recording for Napalm Records but also the first LOA recording with Mina Caputo behind the mic. If the tease the band recently put up is any indication then fans are in for some of the best, most earnest LOA material since River Runs Red.

11) Cold: TBA (TBC)

It’s been some time since Cold’s last release (2011’s Superfiction) but they’re back with a new label (Napalm Records), an old friend (Terry Balsamo), and fresh off a successful anniversary show that saw the resurgence of a slew of older material (“Give”! Grundig stuff!). Does that herald a return to their roots or a completely different direction? Stay tuned!

10) Marilyn Manson: SAY10 (Valentine’s Day)

Keeping with the trend of making an impact early like they did with 2015’s January-released The Pale Emperor, Mr. Manson and company are prepared to slaughter your delicate sensibilities in February of this year.

9) Mutoid Man: TBA (TBC)

Every Mutoid Man release gets better and better so why should the next one be any different? Recording recently took place at God City Studios and will see the triumphant trio of Ben Koller, Steve Brodsky, and Nick Cageao sonically slay your earholes…or it could sound like Yanni. Time will tell.

8) Mastodon: TBA (Spring)

With a Spring release and a fresh concept to write about, Mastodon look poised to throttle the masses again with their brand of prog and metal.

7) White Noise Owl/Life On Planet 9: TBA (Spring)

Pete Murray fans rejoice! 2017 will bring about at least two new releases from different bands featuring your favorite SoCal vocalist. Sooner will be Life On Planet 9’s third album featuring Murray and Ultraspank/Lo-Pro collaborator Neil Godfrey as they delve more into acoustic/electro territory. Later, Murray’s WNO will release their new album featuring once again John Fahnestock, Will Hunt, and Chris Shy.

6) David Duchovny: TBA (TBC)

Yep, David Duchovny. We really dug his debut and the new one is sure to impress with another healthy smattering of Americana and tongue-in-cheek folk rock.

5) Queens of the Stone Age:??? (???)

No more fucking around, QOTSA needs to own it on their next one. After the experimental …Like Clockwork followed by a stint in Iggy Pop’s band among other projects, Josh Homme is primed and poised for a triumphant return to the rawk!

4) Ministry: TBA (TBC)

Think about the records Alien Jourgensen put out during BOTH Bush presidencies. Let that sink in for a moment then consider the state of the world now and especially after January 20th. Jourgensen has already confirmed that his next batch of studio time (happening now) is set aside for Ministry so be prepared for some politically-fueled industrial rage.


Only “Slug” has been previewed/officially released so far but from what’s been teased during recent live performances as well then the upcoming one from Canada’s own Robert Alfons as TR/ST is going to blow fans away.

3) 3Teeth: <shutdown.exe> (Spring)

Calling it now: Probably the most important industrial/electronic release of 2017. And this is coming from a guy who has a Ministry tattoo branded somewhere on his body. Forget the Tool accolades, 3Teeth is way beyond a “Tool-approved band” and the previews of their upcoming full-length definitively prove that.

2) Summoner: TBA (TBC)

If you’ve ever listened to Summoner then you’d also know how hard it is to get any of their jams out of your brain once you’ve heard them. Now, while we haven’t heard a single properly produced track from the upcoming Summoner we have had the pleasure of being privy of the internet where the universe (In this case, Summoner via Facebook) provides links to where we can see AND hear new tunes in their purest forms: live.

1) Corrosion Of Conformity: TBA (TBC)

Pepper Keenan is back and the quartet has been tearing it up on the road since. In between they’ve also been writing and in between that, they’ve been recording. The results should hit this year and if it’s anything like In The Arms Of God then COC fans are in for a fuckin’ treat!

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