A.D.D. Get To The Core Of Their Sound On Sophomore Album

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For you New England readers, think of Chicago’s A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder) as WAAF’s Mistress Carrie fronting Sevendust if you need a comparison to draw  you in. For the rest of the world, A.D.D. is quite simply a kick ass female-fronted hard rock outfit that’s on the verge of blowing your mind with their latest album.

With Core, A.D.D.’s second album, the band refine their sound to push them into the upper echelons of hard rock royalty alongside bands like Godsmack, Alter Bridge, and the aforementioned Sevendust. And if opener “I Regret” doesn’t convince you of that statement then you might have to check your pulse. Seriously.

“Not My Way” really shows off Margaret Young/Matilda Moon’s soulful, blues-infused vocals which has a unique rasp and gruffness which is at times reminiscent of both Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks. “Hear Me Now” is filled with great riffage and an epic chorus while “Damn Thing” has these moments which bring to mind the more savage Lacuna Coil songs with an intense breakdown.

Guitarist Jeremy Sparta’s back up vox bring a greater depth to songs like “So The Pain” and elevates a song like “Was My Life” (Where he takes the lead) above what could be a cheesy ’80’s ballad into a heartfelt 21st Century anthem (You can still hold your lighters up high, though). “So Much” carries the power ballad torch further as Moon duets with Sparta but if you’re looking to keep things heavy then “Nightmare” is for you.

An amazingly solid effort from the instant “I Regret” begins up until their crushing version of Sevendust’s “Black” closes out the album, A.D.D. give music fans the first must-have hard rock album of 2015 with Core.

Core is out through Pavement Entertainment on March 24th. Pre-orders are available here. For more on A.D.D., head on over here.




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