Better Luck Next Life: Is This The End Of OFFWORLD?

OFFWORLD is no more! Earth has destroyed them. They’ve broken up on re-entry while trying to bring us humans the fabulous follow-up to Grey DawnBetter Luck Next Life. But if this truly is the end for OFFWORLD then at least these space travelers can rest easy knowing that this album (Along with Grey Dawn) will be leaving a Texas-sized sonic crater on our musical landscape.

“Get Off This Rock” is the BEST opener. With Laura Cappello’s operatic delivery and these bombastic sounds (Kudos to David Silver, the MASTER of bombastic here), it’s the only way to start what is, ultimately, a definitive album for OFFWORLD. And as an aside, if there are live shows in the future then this one’s easily a contender for greatest set opener ever. If that wasn’t enough to enthrall us earthlings to pay attention, the track then turns into this raucous rawker with hints of the closing pangs of “The End is Here” from Grey Dawn peaking through and all is sublime in space at this time (And seriously, who doesn’t love continuity and thematic material coming back???)

“Better Luck Next Life” is such a solid rawk song with a classic Heart vibe especially when Cappello opens up for those glorious soprano notes, alternating at times to a low delivery that hums with the rhythm section (And Jon Evans bass stylings), until “They Must Be Stopped” wanders in and gets all apocalyptic and brooding, built from Evans’ thunderous delivery and Craig Adams’ haunting guitar shreds.

“564B2” is like nothing OFFWORLD has done yet and perfectly fits in the middle to break apart Better Luck Next Life as this electronica vehicle shows off Cappello’s truly otherwordly range bookended by a distorted version of the Close Encounters… alien message.

“Remember Me?” is a glistening rawk anthem until “Discon nected” continues the futuristic “564B2” vibe again and then “Free Return Trajectory” subtly wraps up OFFWORLD’s world, once again hearkening back to Grey Dawn‘s memorable closer.

Better Luck Next Life is out now as one of those “You can get it for free, but don’t be a dick and give some dough” kinda deals on Bandcamp. Get yours by clicking below or clicking right here. For the latest updates on OFFWORLD, head on over here.

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