Black Space Riders Bring More Rawk On Amoretum Vol. 2, Second Full-Length Of 2018

Have you not had enough of Black Space Riders in 2018? The more appropriate opening is probably that Black Space Riders aren’t done with their loyal listeners in 2018 by offering not one, but TWO full-length albums within six months or so of each other. Kind of like Ghastly Sound releasing two killer EP’s within a year in 2017, Black Space Riders has upped the ante with two FULL-LENGTHS within the span of 2018.

If you forgot about them (For shame!), we reviewed their last one back in January and you can read all about it by clicking here. Like a sequel that starts without any context because it’s assumed the story is already known (X2 is a prime example), “Before My Eyes” starts as a rollicking kick in the face as opposed to “Lovely Lovelie”, the laid back growler that opened Vol. 1.

“LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove” is a fuzzy blur of rawk and an easy pick for stand out on this one. But like all great albums, there’s so much more to come…but we’d be remiss to point out that the organ/drum blast at the end here is particularly exquisite.

“Walls Away” glistens and is sonically like another dimension in terms of songwriting and musicianship while “Sláinte (Salud dinero amor)” is the bee’s knees for other reasons, stirring up Irish folk and Spanish themes in a solid multicultural banger.

“Assimilating love” is a raucous blast of percussion with “In our garden” serving as a perfect counterpoint being reminiscent of something that’d fit next to any song on the Manhunter soundtrack (And another “For Shame!” if you don’t know that movie/soundtrack, check it out over here)

“Leaves of life (falling down)” is a song that gets more dense as it goes on…and we could go on and on about what to expect on the second half and highlights like the fun romp of “Body move” , the Mastodon tendencies of “No way” or the 10-minute epicness of the Kyuss meets Monster Magnet trip of the two-part “Ch Ch Ch Ch” tracks but sometimes, less is more. And sometimes you just don’t wanna spoil the surprise.

Amoretum Vol. 2 is out on July 27th through Black Space Records. Pre-orders can once again be purchased by clicking here or here. For the latest on BSR, head on over to this location.

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