Chair Warriors Breathe New Life Into Piano-Driven Rawk With Dawn of Edo

Listening to an earlier Chair Warriors song (“Liars” off their last EP) and this is what I envision a modern day version of Tears For Fears sounding like. Dawn of Edo, their latest EP, still has those TFF ideals (“So Alive” even gives a “shout” out. Heh.) but mixed with the later Muse elements (Think Black Holes and Revelations)

“Firethin” is that perfect emotive opener that will draw you in as the piano lines shimmer alongside accented percussive beats amidst swirling guitar lines. “Shogun” carries that opening torch and runs with it with this glistening sheen that’s steadied on the foundation laid forth by drummer Gopal Devanathan with a synth line that’s like a down-to-earth “One Vision”.

“So Alive” brings Brandon Mignacca’s unique voice and vocal flow to the forefront and carries on into “Epitaph” which is built from these intricate melodies broken up by Devanathan’s equally tangled drum attacks.

“Chaser” shines a light on Rob Flis and his excellent fret work, an unsung hero throughout the EP, and especially on wailing closer “Primal” which shares some of its’ grit with Undertow-era Tool.

Dawn of Edo is out on September 22nd. For a preview, click here and here. For more on Chair Warriors, including info on their upcoming record release show on 9/23 in Montreal, head on over here.

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