CLOSENESS Brings Love And Warmth To The Synthetic Sounds Of Personality Therapy

Who doesn’t love love?

CLOSENESS is the pairing of husband and wife indie darlings Todd and Orenda Fink better known from their day jobs fronting The Faint and Azure Ray respectively. On their debut EP they do not disappoint, meshing their separate styles seamlessly to birth a totally unique album that will satiate all the Fink fans.

Mr. Fink is even more robotic sounding while Mrs. Fink sounds even more ethereal. From the onset of “More Romantic”, the warmth and feeling of togetherness despite the typically sterile outlet is completely apparent. “End of the Maze” showcases how mechanical Todd Fink can sound (Think “Your Retro Career Melted”) while “Early Black” is the epitome of goth night interpretive dance sessions layered in synths topped with uplifting vox that exude sexy as the beat pulsates underneath.

“In Murmeration” starts off like a Flash Gordon soundscape then quickens to a full-fledged New Wave synth jam. Closing out with the epic title track built from a singular repeating synth line, the song has a little of that Ladytron air to it and is accented by sharp guitar attacks almost reminiscent of Brad Fiedel’s Fright Night score.

Part Azure Ray, part The Faint and all awesome, CLOSENESS is proving that 2017 might be even cooler than we thought as The Faint continually tease new music on social media while seemingly slipping this gem under the radar which will, no doubt, definitely leave fans thirsting for more.

Personality Therapy is out on February 24th through Graveface Records. Pre-orders are up right here.

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