Dead Cross Is Everything You Hoped And Dreamed From Mike Patton And Dave Lombardo…And More!

The melding of Dave Lombardo and Mike Patton on their own is about as intense and chaotic as you’d expect from a pair of dudes who’ve created some fantastic noise rawk in outfits like Grip Inc, The Dillinger Escape Plan (Patton was only on an EP but still…), Fantomas, and Mr. Bungle to name a few.

On their debut, Patton and Lombardo along with guitarist Michael Crain and bassist Justin Pearson have the chops and the tunes with a sound similar to none of their collective other outfits. Take opener “Seizure and Desist”, for example. It’s brutally quick and visceral as Patton hits a variety of his vocal styles but it’s also surprisingly melodic with a chorus that will stand out above all else.

“Idiopathic” is a punk rock shredder that Every Time I Die would’ve loved to have written that goes through so many styles and time signatures within its’ brief two and a half minute timespan. “Obedience School” is another rager with Lombardo at his percussive best culminating in a hypnotic Patton vocal line. Then Dead Cross take a crack at “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” which, if possible, sounds even darker when done by this band with Crain’s guitars eerily out-gothing Daniel Ash.

“Grave Slave” is heavy Patton at his absolute best with indecipherable screeches in front of a wall sound that comes out you like a freight line culminating in a Pearson-driven groove breakdown at the end. “Gag Reflex” breaks from the norm here with an intricate little number  that goes from slow and serene to fast and heavy in an instant then back again. Ending in a cacophony of screams and signature Lombardo blasts, “Church of the Motherfuckers” concludes the Dead Cross debut and leaves a lasting impression…and ringing in your ears.

Dead Cross is out through Ipecac Records on August 4th. You can get your pre-orders on right here and here. Dead Cross is set to tour a lot this Fall. For dates where you can catch the magic/insanity live, head on over here.

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