Discrepancies Sign WIth InVogue Records, Ready Deluxe Version Of The Awakening For March Release

Sounding like Fall Out Boy one minute then wholly embracing nu-metal the next (Think early Linkin Park especially), Discrepancies just embrace the dichotomy of who they are and rock the fuck out of every minute that The Awakening lays waste to your listening devices and expectations.

The title track is all that and a bag of chips. And then some more bags of chips. Heavy, pummeling, and atmospheric at times, the song instantly explodes as guitarist Addison Bracher’s clean vox clash with ATG Metcalf’s abrasive, yet serene flow.

“Not Alone” is like Patrick Stump being injected into the lead crooner role in Linkin Park while “Wake Up” is just nuts with these peaceful guitar lines serving as the backdrop for ATG Metcalf’s harsh delivery and Phatbeatz Steve’s, ahem, phat beats. But seriously, the pounding PS lays down is beautifully bombastic in all the right places. Then “Keep Hope Alive” comes in with these guitar wails paired with Bracher’s smooth delivery followed by ATG Metcalf casually mentioning Inspector Gadget in the verses and all is truly right in the world. It really is.

“Rock The Show”, on the other hand is a straight up headbanger. Almost like early Eminem with the delivery of guest Dub Flow adding another element to an already enigmatic gem of a band. “Digitus Medius” keeps the heavy alive as this rousing rawker thrives on the pulse of the almighty beat with Garret Weakley’s bass throbbing along providing substantial musical tremors.

“Foresight In Hindsight” is a track that just screams nu-metal but, honestly, almost transcends that genre because it’s so fucking good while “Make You Love Me” is entirely new ground: acoustical-rap. Yep, it’s a thing. Discrepancies invented it. It is law.

And if you stick around for the post-credits you’ll be treated to the larger than life “Get Hype” which is all the anthem casual listeners will ever need to make them official fans of Discrepancies for life.

The Awakening is out as a deluxe version through InVogue Records on March 23rd. You can get that version by clicking here or here. For all your other Discrepancies-related needs, click here.

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