(hed) p.e. Rediscover The Magic, Deliver A Legacy Album On FOREVER!


I’ll be honest: I haven’t listened to a thing (hed) p.e. has put out in almost a decade. I have fond memories of Blackout and still listen to it regularly but after that they became a band I wasn’t interested in for some reason. Forever! is the album that’s going to change my current status quo with the band along many longtime listeners as well as a whole new generation of heavy music fans.

Forever! is a fitting title for (hed) p.e.’s 10th opus as it’s definitely an album that will stand out for that long within their lengthy history. Rediscovering the magic that made earlier albums like the self-titled and Blackout so unforgettable, Forever! is spurred on by a thinned down and relatively new line up and mainstay Jahred’s unmistakable growl/croon/freestyle sounding fresher than it has in years.

“Live” is a goddamn welcome back and a then some. It’s subtle yet gets the point across. With a singular guitar statement from Gregzilla and Jahred pulling out his vocal tricks (death metal growl, hip-hop flow, actual singing), the track is a definitive (hed) p.e. anthem that ranks with some of their best openers/sing-a-longs.

“Pay Me” is where it’s at, though. It’s got crushing riffs throughout along with Jared getting his rage on with a catchy vocal flow building to a killer chorus. And if you’ve ever wanted to headbang while listening to Elizabeth Warren then “Pay Me” is your new jam! “Closer” goes metal reggaeton and hearkens back to the early nu-metal days when all genres were thrown in a melting pot and the results were staggering, much like the results are here.

“Hurt” rallies hard with the straight up metal while “It’s You” rallies even harder with the riffage. “Waste” is a punk rock shredfest through and through, “One of a Kind” screeches with immediate fervor after a decptive slow jam to start, and “JahKnow” is built on the many layers that make up the (hed) p.e. musical repertoire. Concluding with a trio of tracks that are slowed down, chill, and filled with grooves, (hed) p.e. solidifies Forever! as one of the greatest additions to their storied career.

Forever! doesn’t drop until July 22nd via Pavement Entertainment but you can pre-order yours now by clicking here! For more on the band, including more pre-order options and current tour dates, head here.

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