Huntsmen Bring Epic Americana Rawk On American Scrap

Huntsmen is a weird band to pin down. And I don’t mean that in a negative connotation at all. Far from it! It just means that the band falls under our ever growing category of “enigma wrapped inside a riddle” and American Scrap is an album that encompasses that just as much as it defies genres consistently throughout its’ eight blissful tracks.

“Bury Me Deep” is a soulful acoustic number that starts American Scrap off strong and sets a precedent for what’s to come, regardless of the kinds of sounds those upcoming songs will encapsulate. At its core, this opener and  album is anchored by Chris Kang’s John Cafferty-like vocal approach (Until the screaming starts, that is) and this overall feel of good old Americana Rawk.

“Pyre” is an epic follow up, encompassing everything from Black Sabbath (Think “War Pigs”) and Mad Season magic at times, topped with a vocal performance that’s a strained cry one minute and a bestial scream the next with a huge chorus and equally huge riffs compliments of Kang and Kirill Orlov.

“Canary King” builds upon a singular vocal harmony line that evolves into a rumbling cacophony of feedback while “Atlantic City” is a subdued yet intricate ditty with Kang’s drawn out drawl caught in between an epic percussive and riff brawl. Tool’s “Forty Six & Two” seems to be the inspiration for the beginning of “The Barrens” which is all fuzzed out and trippy led by Marc Stranger-Najjar on bass before Kang and Orlov’s guitars come crunching in. “The Last President” closes the album in somber tones with guest vocalist Aimee Bueno laying down a breathy and moody performance as the band brims with a refined intensity.

American Scrap is out via Prosthetic Records on February 23rd. Pre-orders are available here while you can get up-to-the-date info on Huntsmen going’s on by clicking here.

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