Jim Healey And Jess Collins Team Up In Set Fire, Unveil Aura

Multifaceted Boston luminary Jim Healey is back with ANOTHER slab of rawk excellence to close out 2017 in the form of Set Fire which also features fellow local legend Jess Collins of The Static Dynamic/Mellow Bravo/Petty Morals fame. Healey’s got his distinct voice and a guitar while Collins brings her own unique voice and the keys that, when coupled with Rob Davol’s percussive prowess, make for a formidable Boston trio with a truly unique sound.

Collins leads “Better Off”, the first track, with a soulful croon as Healey’s guitar crunch and back up vox assist while Davol’s solid drumming lays a solid foundation through it all.  “Falling Backwards” has an almost mystical feel to it before those guitars come in, turning the track into a hard rawker with Healey’s unmistakable voice taking point. Paired with Collins, who provides a constant groove through her keys, adds the perfect dichotomy when she starts to wail during the chorus.

Then Set Fire close out Aura with “Vincent Price’s Right” which is a sinister, almost Doom-like dirge as Collins fiercely howls. The track has an overall vibe of a Type O Negative classic or, more appropriately, a TON side offshoot like  Seventh Void or A Pale Horse Named Death. The Collins/Healey call and response during the chorus as that evil sounding organ builds an atmosphere of inherent dread is especially exquisite.

Aura is out for mass consumption now and you can get your very own copy by clicking here. For more on this indomitable trio, head on over here.

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