Jim Healey Creates Acoustic-Driven Sonic Ecstasy On Just A Minute More

I know I’ve typed this in other posts but music like this is what really makes me proud to live in Massachusetts. Whether it’s Metal or Hip Hop or Rawk or Pop, MA presents a plethora of outstanding options for every music fan. Which brings us to Jim Healey’s latest offering which, just like the state it was born out of, offers up another side of the vocalist/guitarist known for riff rawkin’ in bands like Black Thai and Shatner.

Just A Minute More is a good old fashioned Americana record that explores different sides of Healey’s sonic prowess yet is still chock full of surprises. “The Road” initially sets the tone as this acoustic-driven number paired with Healey’s croon takes listeners on a soulful, twang-filled journey. Save for “You And I”, which shimmers in next with a similar feel, the rest of Just A Minute More continually keeps listeners on the edge of their seats with an array of experimentation within just five tracks.

“Swamp Thing” is like a lost grunge classic that Alice In Chains never got to record back in the day while “Faced” has a Joe Walsh feel (Especially on the chorus) with some hefty guitar rawk…paired with a xylophone? Sure, why not! Rounding out with the brooding “Burn Up”, which closes with a gorgeous yet somber piano line, Healey manages to hit all the right notes on an EP that’s sure to surprise yet satisfy fans of his other outfits.

Just A Minute More is out now! You can get yours by clicking on the Bandcamp stream below or by clicking here which also happens to have all the latest on Jim Healey. And for even more Healey happenings, head on over here.

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