Moscow Rocks Hard On Debut EP, Queen Of Sin

“Call her Tsaritsa (queen) like the Russian rockers all do, or call her Moscow – her nom de guerre in the international music scene – but you are going to call (attention to) this talented young lady who embodies the rebellious spirit of rock and the consummate class of royalty.”

A more perfect description (from the Moscow press release) could not have been typed and you’ll agree once Queen of Sin hits your earholes.

Anthemic from the onset, “Queen Of Sin” sets a tone as Moscow’s powerful scream pierces through the chugging riffage just as much as her melodic side elevates the song (And EP) way above your typical female-fronted hard rock/metal outfit.

Easily one of 2017’s stand out debuts, Queen of Sin succeeds with its’ strongly crafted songs, memorable hooks, and a vocalist who’s simply incomparable to her peers. “Nowhere to Hide” drives those points home as it speeds headlong into the metal stratosphere until “Black Widow” drops some “Superbeast” meets nu-metal grooves and synths as Moscow croons on.

“Watch Me Burn” changes tone slightly as this solemn, piano driven piece focuses on Moscow’s range while closer “Heartbeat” gets the blood pumping to finish things off with this visceral, headbanging beauty of a track.

Queen of Sin is out now. You can get your copy by clicking here. For more on Moscow, head on over here and here.

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