Mutoid Man Is Ready For Battle On Blistering War Moans

Holy hell, Mutoid Man just get better AND zanier with each release. Melodic Converge, Non-prog Cave In? Mutoid Man is way beyond labels now and War Moans is just fuckin’ fun so strap in!

Short and to the point, fast and furious, innuendo and out the other….War Moans is pure sonic ecstasy in a tight little package. “Melt Your Mind” just oozes manic energy at the onset of War Moans and keeps getting more brilliant from there. By the time Ben Koller’s thumping completely takes over in “Bone Chain”, listeners will already be thoroughly entranced.

The title track is built around this spaced out groove before devolving into a hyper frenetic shredder filled with all those fun “meedily mi” (Our phrase for guitar licks) moments. “Kiss Of Death” gets all sexy showcasing Stephen Brodsky’s penchant for wordplay and phrasing as Nick Cageao absolutely crushes with the low end. The story during “Date with the Devil” is worth the price of admission alone as listeners get to picture Brodsky doing the walk of shame from Hell.

Later, “Wreck and Survive” sways with melody and harmonic bliss, bookended by these insane passages. “Open Flame” hits later still and is just four and a half minutes of headbanging delight and such a perfectly structured rawk track until closer “Bandages” comes in and absolutely decimates all your Mutoid Man expectations with one of the most brilliant, and epic, songs they’ve ever recorded.

War Moans is out on June 2nd through Sargent House. Pre-order yours here and here and definitely be sure to check them on the road with Helms Alee real soon (Dates and more here). We’ll be catching them at Great Scott in Allston this weekend. Where will you get Mutoided???

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