Outshine Herald The 2018 Goth Rawk Revolution On 1313

The new Goth Revolution is here!

Taking the Type O Negative torch and running with it, Sweden’s Outshine deliver a memorable and masterful goth rawk opus that thrives in the dark recesses of the mind. With new singer Tony Jelencovich (Former Transport League, Mnemic, M.A.N.) and new drummer Alexander Lundgren implanted firmly within the Outshine ranks, the band return energized and refreshed with an album that echoes that sentiment tenfold.

“Liar” immediately sets the tone with anguished cries developing into sweeping swoons as Jelencovich makes his mark on a track that stands alongside some of the great goth rawk anthems. “She Will Love Me When I Am Dead” begins with Jelencovich’s baritone declaring “She spreads her legs and her wings like an angel” and easily brings to mind some of the poetry Peter Steele used to concoct regularly for TON (Think “Christian Woman” especially) as Lundgren’s Doom-like pummeling heralds the apocalypse and founder Jimmy Norberg creates an overall sense of dread with his atmospheric electronics.

“We Are Broken” is harrowing and haunting with an opening barrage of eerie shredding courtesy of Norberg’s guitar work and Niklas Ingvarsson’s low end as the song switches between massive headbanger and a downtrodden shoegaze classic with ease. “They Were Too Young” is like a mix of Danzig (Pay attention to Jelencovich’s croon here) and A Pale Horse Named Death, mixing old school with new school, while “My Agony” is a devastating beast showing off some strong songwriting on a song that’ll instantly get stuck in your head for days.

“Already Dead” just screams thanks to Norberg’s shrieking guitars until “They Know Who You Are” offers up something different by going for a sound that’s New Wave mixed with Tuonela-era Amporphis with these lush synth sounds throughout and a tribal bashing from Lundgren. Concluding with the somber and introspective “My Suicide”, 1313 ends with a track that’s akin to Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” with its’ staying power…but goth.

1313 is out through Gain Music Entertainment/Dead Tree Group on February 23rd. Yours can be pre-ordered by clicking here and here. For more on Outshine, head on over here.

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