Pinkish Black Push Prog Boundaries With Synthetic Apocalyptical Sounds Of Concept Unification

Damn, this is some dense shit right here. Fresh off the Enthroned review we recently published comes a similarly despondent work of metallic art from a different spectrum of the music world. We’re of course, talking about Pinkish Black and their fourth opus, Concept Unification, which is an elaborate six track beast pushing the boundaries of Prog.

The title track begins this grand opus and is like something out of The Omen or scored by John Carpenter. Goblin comes to mind as well when these weird, wonderful sounds concocted by Daron Beck and Jon Teague come to a head. “Until” is more direct and more Prog-forward, like Rush meets Alice In Chains, and the only track within Concept Unification that could actually pass as a single. Which is a great thing.

“Dial Tone” is this fabulous Electro journey through your most favorite desolate film landscapes (Think Mad Max or Hardware, in particular) driven by these somber, plodding piano hits as space age synths fly about in the background. “Petit Mal” continues the journey along the synthetic soundscape with this instrumental banger serving as a precursor to fellow instrumental “Inanimatronic” before the big mamma jamma that is “Next Solution” drops and delivers a huge, sprawling monolith of a song that absolutely hums as much as it terrifies.

If you go digital then you’ll be treated to two extra tracks which greatly add to the Concept… story. “Away Again” is more of a moody number with Beck’s voice adapting a low baritone akin to Nick Cave as this synthetic hymnal hypnotizes while “We Wait” immediately buzzes right out of the gate and similarly enthralls listeners until the bitter end.

Concept Unification is out through Relapse Records on June 14th. You can pre-order your copy now by clicking here or here and for more on Pinkish Black, head here.

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